Donations and Sponsorships

A scholarship scheme for the economically challenged to enable learning continuity.

Equitas Gurukul’s fee structure is designed as per the order by the Tamil Nadu Fee committee. This makes it affordable for parents who aspire to enroll their children in good schools. Our fee scholarship provides a good reprieve for the parents helping their wards receive a quality education from Gurukuls.

Your generous contribution to the Equitas Vidhya Fund will help these students to manage half of their tuition fees, enabling them to continue their education without any break.

Be that change that brightens their lives.

LKG & UKG: Rs.6,800 to Rs.8,000
Class I – V: Rs.8,000 to Rs.9,200
Class VI – VIII: Rs.8,900 to Rs.10,500
Class IX – X: Rs.9,700 to Rs.12,000
Class XI – XII: Rs.10,750 to Rs.13,500

Equitas Vidhya Fund​

Playground/Sports Scholarship

Encouraging Talent Aspirations

Sports is a core curriculum at Equitas Gurukul and our students are encouraged to participate in all internal and external sports competitions. Some students who aspire to move to National/International levels drop out due to a lack of funds. Your support can help us get the right and necessary sports equipment accessible to our children.

The minimal donation amount is Rs.5,000/- and you can donate up to Rs.15,000/-.

School Infrastructure

Support for Tech Tools - Interactive Smart Board

Gift a class, the benefit of smart board – the digital learning platform. Your support shall benefit a whole class of students to have access to tech-enabled classrooms, that will enhance their concept clarity and promote engaging and sustained learning.

The minimal donation amount is Rs.10,000/- and you can donate up to Rs.1,00,000/-.

Lab Equipment

Developing Scientific Temper & Mathematical Competencies

Innovative ideas and sharp minds, here’s where our future scientists are discovered. Your support can help us purchase new lab equipment that can help our students explore the world of science through hands-on experience.

The minimal donation amount is Rs.5,000/- and you can donate up to Rs.25,000/-.

Books & Uniform

Support Students’ School Needs

Gift a world of knowledge by sponsoring books. Be it academic study guides or even notebooks and stationery, your donation will help encourage our children to perform better.

The minimal donation amount is Rs.2,000/- and you can donate up to Rs.3,500/-.

Sponsor a Child's Education

Enhancing State Literacy

When you sponsor a child, you take care of his/her educational needs for the entire school year. Your support will create an impeccable and positive impact on the child’s life by giving her/him a sustainable and happy future.

The minimal donation amount is Rs.16,000/- and you can donate up to Rs.25,000/-.